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School Security & School Emergency Management Consultants:

Our specialty is providing school systems with self-designed, scalable school security and school emergency management solutions not "canned" programs. 

Let us work with all of your school district stakeholders to create "common ground" for first responders and educators when crises arise.

We offer school districts a range of services:

  • Professional development presentations for school administrators & staff
  • Interagency professional development - first responders and school personnel
  • School crisis management policies and procedures review
  • School security assessment and reporting
  • School security department staffing design, training, and policies
  • Liaison with law enforcement and municipal/state agencies
  • Emergency management considerations for disabled students and staff
  • Research on school security, school safety, school crisis management issues

Are there gaps in your school crisis management plan that expose your schools to litigation based on duty to care, deliberate indifference, or negligence issues?

When was the last time your emergency/crisis management plan was subjected to a "stress test"?

Is your school staff really ready for an unforeseen crisis?

What concerns you the most about keeping students and staff safe?

Litigation Support:

  • Deconstruction of evidentiary materials regarding school safety, educational policies, procedures, and best practices
  • Research and report writing
  • Expert witness testimony

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